Sunday, September 16, 2012

Citroën C4 picasso by cararama 1/24

I have been looking for this Citroën C4 picasso for ages. I first saw him on a webpage of Citroën diecast collectors, I had to have him. I contacted my Scalemodel dealer right away, but he told me this model was taken out of production. I bumped on this one by accident a week ago in a local Carrefour, my day couldn't get better!

it's a 1/24 model made by cararama. the largest model of this C4 picasso at the moment.
It is not a masterpiece however, the paintjob is horrible and the interior is badly detailed, but I couldn't resist! great model!


  1. I fancy getting one of these in the future would you recommend that I get one?

  2. I have been looking for this model a long time. I saw it online once, contacted my local dealer who told me it was taken out of production and wasn't available anymore. by chance I stroke upon this one in a Carrefour Supermarket.

    if you collect 1/24th scale I certainly recommend this one. It's not a superior model as it has a lot of defaults (mainly in the paintjob) and the level of interior details is pretty low, but it's a one off and a pretty rare model to have.

    my mother owns exactly the same 1:1 so I had to have one, but deu to 1/24 not being my favourite scale, it's pretty lonely in my showcase.

    greets and thanks for visiting,