Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Citroën C-métisse by Norev

A lot of you asked for close-up pictures from the model in the magnificent box, well here they are.
It a model from Norev, the quality is as great as always. it's red and has michelin tires... The interior is well finished but you have to look through the windows as nothing on the model opens. 


  1. Beautiful!! Dream car that good!! I really like the back, and the color is fantastic.


    Hermoso!!!!! Que buen Dream car!!!! Me gusta mucho la parte trasera, y el color le queda fantástico.


  2. Yeah it's nice. hope somethink like this will come out one day :)

    greets AccroCitroën

  3. Hey AccroCitroen,
    i bought this model in last days. I shaw at Inet, that is limited, but nothing about pices. did you know something about, how many pices are build by Norev?

    Greetings from France


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