Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Display!!!

I have got myself a new showcase, it's about 2 meters wide and has 2 sliding windows. it comes from IKEA and cost me 70 euro's, less in other countries I don't know why. anyway. I made some modifications, because I want to put 1/43 scale inside. I drilled holes in which I can put studs for an extra row of glass. and I ordered an extra piece of glass to function as third window.
 Inside there are all the Citroëns in order of release date, still missing some so I'll have to look for them first in order to complete this display.


  1. very nice,
    the showcase sets a before and an after in the life of the hobbyst.

  2. Excellent!! That's a luxury. My cabinet looks like a parking lot full of cars. I have no space and do not look properly.
    Very cute your exposure.


    Excelente!!!! Eso es un lujo. Mi vitrina parece un estacionamiento repleto de autos. No tengo espacio y no se lucen correctamente.
    Muy linda tu exposición.


  3. Thanks guys I appreciate your comments. On of my policies is to never have more models than my showcases can handle. I want them to look good and not to have as many cars as possible.

    Greets AccroCitroën

  4. Show! Ficou muito boa a apresentação dos modelos!! Eu ainda estou arrumando a casa para uma hora poder fazer isso!! Parabéns e aproveita bem agora! Abraços

  5. thanks a lot for your visit. it's always nice to have some space for display. I'm sure yours will look as good as mine :)

    Greets AccroCitroën

  6. Beautiful showcases, in them you can very well see the thumbnails. In my Cabinet are all stacked cars...