Monday, October 8, 2012

Citroën XM - Solido 1/18 improvements

Last week I received the car on the left of this picture. A 1/18 Citroën XM made by Solido, it's a relatively rare car and prices go up high for mint boxed models. I bought mine for 25 euros, good deal? Certainly, but it had one minor issue... the engine was missing. Apart from this, the car was in perfect condition. it had never left te box and the decals weren't put on yet. It's not my first Citroën XM, I already have one in good condition and one in average condition. this got me thinking.

What if I made perfect car with the new one missing it's engine and the better parts from the one in average condition (mainly the engine)... and make it even better. As all the owners of this model will surely know, the detailing on this car is not the best on the market.
 I took the car apart, not my first time as you can see in this video:

These are the pieces I will improve:

The console
 the side panels
 the engine compartment
 the dashboard
 going through the proces

 This is how it looks now

 Put all this back in the car:
 et voila!


  1. Great video! I can never make one because I say many obscenities when work is difficult for me!

    1. I tried it out before making the video :p I had one think snap of, I was mad as hell.