Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Citroën DS3 - Norev 1/18

I apologize for the late video. I moved to a different city, still looking around to find some nice spots to take photograph. The DS 3 from Norev was the car chosen. Today I went out to get myself some pictures. I'm not sure if I have enough already so it might be I have to go take some a second time.

But just so you know I'm busy with it, here are some pics


  1. Congratulations

    This is a great Citroen Collection. Do you have a CX2000 Pallace Citroen?.
    Today I´m waiting an importation for this model (Norev). Well,I´m writing from Chile, and we don´t have retail- specialist bussines in Die Cast.

    1. Thanks a lot, check it out frequently as there will be a lot more models coming up. I don't have the brown CX 2000, but I'm waiting for the blue CX 2400 I ordered some time ago. We have some specialists in Belgium, but most are far away. I order most of my models online or on auctionsites

      Greets AccroCitroën!