Friday, October 12, 2012

Citroën SM proto by otto models

Sneak peak of my newest acquisition. The Citroën sm proto made by otto models. I just got it, there will be better pics up soon but I'm in my car to work at the moment. In the brief moments I was able to look at this one, I feel confident to say this is the most detailed model from otto citroën this far. Whats your opinion?

Better pictures:


  1. it looks terrific, awesome.
    was it a static proto or did it ran any race?
    awaiting more photos...

  2. It was a prototype Citroën made to enhance the current SM. it is shorter, wider, and runs on a 380HP V6 from masserati. There is only one model like this, now resting in Citroëns concervatoire, but a lot of variants where made for racing for example in the 1973 rally of Bandama.

    The prototype is not static but has a running engine, you can see it here:

    the car racing can be seen here against a Citroën ZX rally dakar:

  3. Incredible!! Excellent prototype. Very aggressive and bold colors well.
    That scale is?


    Increible!!!! Excelente prototipo. Muy agresivo y con colores bien llamativos.
    Que escala es?


    1. It's 1/18th scale like all otto models. limited edition of 1500 pieces.

  4. Hermoso y muy detallado Citroen dakariano; la escala 1/18 permite apreciar bien sus interiores.

    Beautiful and very detailed Citroen Dakar; 118 scale allows you to fully appreciate its interiors.

    1. It's not a Dakar, but a prototype. the 1/18th scale is excellent to appreciate the little details!

      Greets AccroCitroën!