Thursday, October 11, 2012

Citroën 5CV - Norev 1/43

It has been a while since I ordered this car, I was afraid it was lost in transport. My fear wasn't over when I got the package... it didn't weight anything. I quickly opened the thing to find this little beauty inside.

The Citroën 5CV, à 1/43 model from Norev. This miniature is easily 40 years old and it's a very rare model nowadays. It is mint, mainly beacuse it's almost 100 percent plastic, and it looks amazing. I immediatly put it on the kitchen scale... 11g!!

Citroën 5HP - Norev 1/43
Citroën 5CV - Norev 1/43


  1. 11 grams!! Now that's light!!
    Very nice model, that if he could not miss in your collection.


    11 gramos!!!! Eso si que es light!!!!!
    Muy lindo modelo, este si que no podía faltar en tu colección.


    1. I'm very happy with it, this is one of the first Citroën ever made so it couldn't be missing in my collection.