Monday, May 28, 2012

Citroën C1 from burago streetfire

Another Burago street fire, this time a Citroën C1 scaled 1/43. It looks better than the C4 I showed earlier, but it has some red dust in front. maybe paint from another model on the production line?


  1. very nice bburago,
    my first models were bburagos and I really love them.
    they have an excelent price/product ratio.
    and yours is totally unknown for me.

  2. I think everyone starts with burago, especialy 1/18, I think the 1/18 models look great for their price but these 1/43 models don't. I'll put pictures of a red Citroën C1 from cararama on my blog today. it costed exactly the same and it look waaay better ;)

    Greets AccroCitroën