Sunday, May 27, 2012

Burago Citroën DS 19 1/32

I got this Citroën DS 19 from burago from my "brother-in-law" as a 2-months-early birthday gift. I'm very happy with it, it's scaled 1/32 which i think is a nice scale. it's a basic model like we are used from burago (no mirrors etc.) but it illustrates the DS 19 very well. The DS was once an car for the rich, I think it looks great in it's solid box.


  1. very strange to find an 1/32 bburago,
    may be the fusion with maisto is the reason for such an unusual scale in die cast.
    anyway, the model is superb.

  2. It is a nice model, I got it from my brother-in-law (aged 12) so it has more sentimental value than it's worth. I was realy pleased with his gift :D

    Greets AccroCitroën