Sunday, February 24, 2013

Citroën XM multimedia - Otto models 1/18

Today I want to show you the Citroën XM multimedia, a 1/18 model from the french company "Otto-Mobile" manufactured in 1250 pieces. The model sold out immediately, but you should find them on second hand sites for 70-90 euro's at the moment. (this price will only go up)

A lot of people already took pictures of their models, but I will try to give you some more information about the details.

First piece of detail are the lights of this model, they are perfect 1/18 replica's of the XM lights. The front lights are great, but it's the rear lights that give you a warm feeling.

If you look closely at the black band, you will see the reverse lights come through. It's a subtle detail and I'm sure a lot of people missed it, but it's this sense of detail that makes a otto model what it is.

I realy appreciate the color difference between the rims and the bolts

the windscreen wipers look great too

To finish off the car, the interior matches the exterior perfectly, every little detail has been overthought. the dash looks magnificent, the seats have to shades of cream and the doors look amazing. I'm not ashamed to say this is the best Citroën otto models made (I'm not aware of the other brands), and as I have most otto models I can tell the competition is tough.

Let me know what you think about this model based on the pictures or your model. It's a great model and I'm not sure I have noticed all the details if you know more tell me!


  1. I see you are changing the majorettes by the neos and the wellys by the ottos,
    you are taking the fast lane amigo mío, beware because it is a one-way road with no exit.
    this otto is superb, there are people that critizice the lack of opening parts, no doors nor motor, but I prefer them closed for ever.
    congrats for the model.

    1. gaucho!

      It has been a while since I took that road (the majorettes and welly's where to fill the gaps between better models). I can certainly see what you mean, budgets are draining with these kind of models.

      I think an otto model would lose it's charm if it would have opening doors, it's not a toy but a collector. they are made to go in a showcase where the sealed body will protect the model from dust (We all hate dust!) furthermore I think the price of these models would double if they had opening parts, loosing young collectors with limited income, like myself in the process.

  2. Hi Amigo!
    In July we celebrate the "day of the Frienship" in our country.
    Thus, I would like to post a special edition with photos of all the friends of my Gaucho Blog.
    On this background, let me ask you to send me your photo holding a car or showing your collection.
    We still have time, I will be preparing the blog and you take your time to get or choose the photo.
    thank you!
    Eduardo Gaucho

    1. will do my friend, give me some time and I will send you a picture.

  3. Beautifull XM of the Otto Models.
    Great car.

  4. Un superbe modèle d´Otto, fabriquant que je connais depuis quelques ans. En plus, comm´ils sont au tirage limité avec le temps sa valeur monte.

    Au revoir!

    1. je suis le fabricant dés le début, les modèles sont fantastiques et le tirage limité fait que tu as une piece presque unique. Mais de l'autre côté, quand tu rate une modèle ça te coute cher après. je recherche toujours la Citroën Saxo et la GS birotor... mais ils sont trop cher.

      à plus!