Thursday, January 31, 2013

Citroën Xm - Neo scalemodels 1/43

My favorite Citroën is the Citroën XM, as I didn’t have a 1/43 XM yet I was hesitating about getting this Citroën XM break from Neo scale models.

Neo has already has a XM break, but it’s green. this pacticular model is 1 of the 300 Grey Citroën XM breaks specialy made by Neo for

I was hesitating about getting this one because it’s quite expensive. almost 60 euro’s chipping not included. In my opinion that’s a lot of money for a 1/43 miniature.

on the other hand it’s my favorite car, and it’s an addition to my history of Citroën collection as well as to my Citroën break collection. I finaly decided to buy this one and I can tell you all that it’s magnificent. I mean, if it werent for the 1/43th scale, one could say this is a real car. the level of detailing is brilliant. it comes in a very nice box too.


  1. welcome to neo's world,
    there will be a second chapter of your life from now (and for your bank account).
    there are superb models.
    as your XM, really perfect

    1. I know what you mean Gaucho, this is level of finition way ahead of the competition. From now on I certainly know why people love neo models. maybe I will buy one now and then.

      luckily for me my 1/43 collection is almost complete and I will be able to focus on 1/18th scale. (same price more diecast!)

  2. I like that XM with the newer Front Grill

    1. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. it's a costly model but it's worth every penny!