Saturday, January 5, 2013

Citroën DS19 cabrio - Welly 1/32

This is one of the 1/32 Citroën DS's I brought home from my vacation in France. taking miniatures back from foreign countries is a great way to remember those vacations.

This one is the Citroën DS 19 cabrio, I didn't try out if the roof could get removed yet but I suppose it can.


  1. very nice model!
    welly products have an excelente quality/price ratio,
    and this model is the proof of said ratio

    1. that's right. price/quality is very nice with Welly. they are very nice bases to make adjustments too.

      thanks for your comment,


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Accro Hello!! How nice model. Do not understand why these diecast not come through these lands.
    They think that as real models were not, nobody would buy them. Wrong!!
    At least we can watch them on your blog.


    Hola Accro!!!!! Que lindo modelo. No entiendo porque estos diecast no vienen por estas tierras.
    Deben pensar, que como los modelos reales no estuvieron, nadie los compraría. Equivocados!!!!
    Por lo menos, podemos verlos en tu blog.


    1. hello vasco,

      it's weird indeed, do they only not sell this model or is the brand "welly" unknown too you? Welly is a frequent brand in europe, making great value for money models. thanks for the intel!

      greets AccroCitroën!

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