Monday, November 19, 2012

Citroën C6 - Norev 1/18

In with the new! I already had a Citroën C6 from Norev, which is a great model by the way, but mine had some minor problems (missing "chevron", broken wheel, and tear in the windscreen). 

That's why I didn't hesitate when this "great deal" passed: another 1/18 Citroën C6 from Norev. This Time in a special color called "gris Fulminator" (greyscale). 

Why is this model so special? It only has been sold in Citroën Concessions in a few countries but that's not the special part. The country where I live had only 15 due to a ordering mistake!


  1. Great car and not less great miniature!
    It design is very discutable for ones (not for me, i like this car) but remains impressive.

    Thanks for show it us.

    1. when it first was released I didn't like it, especially the headlights where awfull in my opinion, but it is a design you learn to appreciate... just like you need some maturity to appreciate wine, whiskey or olives.

      greets AccroCitroën

  2. Great car, great model by Norev!
    Does anyone know where I can purchase the 1:18 Norev C6 model?

    Hans van der Sluijs
    the Netherlands

    1. In deze kleur zal het zeer moeilijk worden aangezien ze enkel via dealers verkocht werden. De donkerblauwe zou je normaal gezien zonder al te veel problemen op marktplaats moeten kunnen vinden.