Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Citroën DS3 Racing - Nico 1/14

I promised my girlfriend not to buy any models till next year, but when I saw this on in the supermarket, I knew that promise would be broken. I'm a great fan of the Citroën DS3 racing variant. I love the power, the colors and the wider bodykit. 

As no other brand has this car in it's range I don't care it's 1/14th scale. slightly  smaller than 1/12, but certainly bigger than 1/18. I don't even care it's an RC model, I just love it. For a RC car it's nicely detailed, it has some downfalls off course, like the holes for the rearview mirrors from the WRC variant that still exist and are patched with some grey plastic, but overal it's a very nice model.


  1. ¿1/14?
    Beautifull beast!

  2. There is no scale on the box, but after measuring it, and comparing it with the 3,95m from the real car it has to be about 1/14

  3. Hello Accro. Do not worry, brides will never understand diecast ...
    And it is an excellent model to break any promise.
    When RC, I guess you're making a video.
    The replica looks great, the colors are good sports. Those tires, I think they're better than my real car ...


    Hola Accro. No te preocupes, las novias nunca van a entender de diecast...
    Y es un modelo excelente, para romper cualquier promesa.
    Al ser RC, me imagino que ya estás preparando algún video.
    La réplica se ve excelente, los colores son bien deportivos. Esas llantas, creo que son mejores que las de mi auto real...


    1. I'm not sure yet whether I will make a video or not. if I do it will be one like my other videos. I think this one will never be used as an RC-car. I noticed the other cars in the store had paint comming of so I geuss if I hit something I will harm the paintjob.

  4. WOW!

    Very very nice modell really!

    I need one but 1:1!

    1. Can't blame you mate... it's a monster. if I had 32 grant I would buy one immediately!

      greets AccroCitroën!