Saturday, September 29, 2012

Citroën Saxo - Starter 1/43 (Handmade)

This is one of my most recent purchases, It's a Citroën Saxo. This specific model is a 1/43th scale made by Starter. With made I mean Handmade. These where kits sold during the late 1990's, in this point af view theis is a unique model. I'm very happy to have it in the collection. it has been very well finished.

One of the things I like most on this specific scale model are the windscreen wipers, They are very accurate and mate from metal... fenomenal! (click on the picture to see it in detail!)


  1. very nice, l love hand made models,
    they have something special, even though they may hsve a poor finishing, they are unique.

    1. you're totally right, but on this particular model the finishing is 10x better than the standard 1/43 brands. (except for the rear lights)

      Greets AccroCitroën!

  2. Very Nice I have 2 Of these In My Collection I am a big Citroen fan and have over 100 models in my collection.

    Pop along to my website to see my collection