Thursday, September 20, 2012

Citroën Jumpy by Mondo Motors

Meet the Citroën Jumpy, this one is the version made for transporting people. the other one is made for transporting goods and has only windows and seats for the driver and his passenger.
This model is one from Mondo Motors and it looks amazingly good. the only thing about this model is that the rear axe seems to be deeper in the car, making it look like it's overweight.

Citroën Jumpy by Mondo Motors 1/43


  1. Accro Hello!! This model did not know him. He looks large.
    And it's true what you say, it seems that you have a full load ...


    Hola Accro!!!! Este modelo no lo conocía. Se lo ve de gran tamaño.
    Y es cierto lo que dices, parece que ya tiene la carga completa...


  2. Hi!

    really isn´t too bad for one MondoMotor. Perhaps one of the best models of the italian brand.

    If you prefer, i can to write in french.

  3. I'm not familiar with the Mondomotors brand, but this model looks allright. It's not high quality like chrome bars and colored buttons, but overal it's pretty decent.

    English - French - Dutch - German is good for me, but I think most people know a little bit of english and therefor can follow the matter.

    Greets AccroCitroën!

  4. Hello Accro
    I love this replica congratulations!
    By chance, have you seen Norev miniatures in 1/64?
    You should look for photos and I assure you that you will like

  5. Ramino thanks for you comment. for the 1/64 Norev models go take a look in the "scale 3inch" section from my blog. There are some Matchbox and majorette. but the greatest part are from Norev.

    It are great cars, better as Matchbox etc and for roughly the same price!

    Greets AccroCitroën!