Sunday, September 9, 2012

new blog: allround diecast!

For all my followers and new visitors, I 've got a second blog: allround diecast! It's about a diversity of brands from alpha romeo till zonda, scales like 1/66, 1/43, 1/24, 1/18.

it's not the focus of my collection, but I've got a shitload of them. everything is for sale, but unfortunatly, for most of you, the shipment will be far to expensive (BELGIUM)

Pay a visit and follow if you want, I might update more frequently in the future.


  1. hey, wellcome to your new blog.
    do you think you will be able to cope with twice the work?
    besides, very nice the citro roadster!
    do you have it in die cast?

  2. I'm not that frequent on allround diecast. the core of my collection is Citroën, all the rest is what I collected when I was a kid. nevertheless a nice collection of about 250 pieces.

    But I thought you guys could be interested so I'm putting them online for you :p

    if there was a diecast version of the roadster I would surely have it, but there isn't. but it's a magnificent picture!

    greets AccroCitroën