Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Citroën C35 - Solido 1/50

A model I didn't have untill some days ago was this Citroën C35, it was in it's days a very popular utility vehicle, a great workhorse. nowadays they are almost extinct. This model is one from Solido in scale 1/50, I think it's great seen it's age but it has some bruises. there is a decal on the side, but it's to far gone to know what it is.


  1. very nice solido, an autentic vintage by the means of today

    1. yes it is, I drove one a couple of days ago... man what a difference haha I'm glad times moved on for the technique... but I don't know about modern design of cars... they lost that little extra. it's getting better with the DS series though

  2. hmm mine has no decal on this side and a blue light and is boxed.

    What year was this solido produced? Maybe different years.

  3. Hi Phil, I bought this one because my collection lacked a 1/43 C35. stilltrying t find one in better condition but it's not a very popular car with diecast manufacterers :D

    have a nice day!