Saturday, July 21, 2012

Norev Citroën C4 collectors box

Back from France and there is a lot more Citroën coming your way, This box for example. It's a beautiful display box with 4 different Citroën C4's inside. Produced by Norev

It's not just another color, There are 2 coupé's and 2 berline's. each version with and without transparent roof and with different rims! all nicely finished of course.

This red C4 coupé is a standard version.

This grey Citroën C4 coupé is the version with transparant roof.

Next you have the dark grey Citroën Berline with sunroof

And the black one is the standard Citroën C4 berline

It's a nice box which nicely displays the different versions in which the Citroën C4 is available.


  1. These are holidays!! Bringing miniatures is the best memory of a place to visit.
    The gray coupe, looks beautiful. And the red sport has its charm.
    The sedan was well received in our market. You can see many models on our streets. That's an extra reason to have this magnificent box of C4.


  2. I think the Citroën C4 (picasso)is the most common Citroën at this point. they look great and are good value for money. I have a 1/1 Citroën picasso.


  3. This set is luxurious! Really amazing.


  4. I have all these but I bought them as Singals

    I also have them in

    C4 Exclusive Hatch In Olive Green
    C4 Exclusive Hatch In Oriental Blue
    C4 Exclusive Hatch In Arctic Steel Silver
    C4 Exclusive Hatch 2008 Restyle Grey
    C4 VTS Coupe In Yellow
    C4 VTS Coupe In Oriental Blue
    C4 VTS Coupe 2008 Restyle Wicked Red
    C4 By Loeb Coupe In Sport Red
    C4 By Loed Coupe 2008 Restyle In Black

    1. have a lot of these too. it's a frequent model and I had the chance to buy a lot of them for a bargain. I think I paid 20 euros for this Box

      thanks for visiting,