Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disney Cars 2 RAOUL CAROULE Diecast Car #9 of 15

Time for some new Blog feed! I'll kick of with this special Citroën, It's one of the characters in the movie "CARS 2" from Disney pixar. It is called Raoul Caroule (Caroule from the french 'ça roule', meaning it rides) In the movie it looked like a Citroën C4 too me, so I started my quest. I finally found this one. 
The model is made by Mattel, scaled 1/55 and looks pretty cool too me.

 Raule Caroule is the multi world champion from the GRC (Global Rally Championship) it drove with number 6


  1. ¿1/43? ¿1/64?
    Muy bello!

  2. None of those, it's scaled 1/55 not a standard scale, but it's a nice one. I'm still thinking about getting them all.