Monday, June 4, 2012

Citroën traction "radio Monte Carlo"

I got this Citroën Traction from my auntie, it says radio monte carlo, it's one of the cars that drove around during the tour de france entertaining the crowd with it's music. there is a speaker on the roof. 
my model is not mint, it has some bruises, but I got it for free so I don't care. I think it looks great!


  1. Very nice reply and the truth is that you appreciate the bruises ...
    It is 1:43 scale?

    My blog is and collect all the brands.

    Greetings and I already have a follower.

  2. I like this car. It is very compact and flexible. Its color and design is super and attractive. I think this car is a old model.Citroen

  3. Thanks for your comments, to begin with yes it's 1/43. the Citroën traction was made from 1934-1957 or something

  4. hey Man! greetings from Argentina.
    My first car was a 2CV, I love citros,
    I like your blog.
    I really appreciate a thematic collection,
    it is very difficult to focus on a subject and ignore the other models.
    And your collection seems to be wonderful.
    Gaucho-congratulatons for you and your collection

    1. Thank you! Become a member or follow my page if interested :D I once collected all brands, but a year ago I decided to focus on Citroën (I grew up with them and I think the 1:1 are great cars) problem is to finance this addiction. I live in Belgium and there aren't a lot of Citroën fanatics here, I import most of my models from France and the Netherlands.