Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burago Citroën Xantia (adapted version)

For those who follow my blog, this model will not look like a new one, and it isn't. I posted my Citroën Xantia from Burago 1/43 a while ago. A friend told me this basic model could be upgraded with some paint and marker. Today I gave it a shot and Gaucho Man was right, this is the result.

This is what I used as a guide

I started by taking the car apart, it's a normal model consisting of 6 pieces.
I took a black marker and started to color in the windows, the sideskirts, door handles and the mirrors, because that's the way they look in real life...
The real car has a black piece between the windows and the body (like all cars do), so I made black edge on the window piece...
It would be just a car without that fabulous CITROËN Sign, time to make it shine...
Because I'm busy with chrome color, it's easy to give the mirrors a threat...
and the Bumpers are in need of a fine chrome line
 Next up are the taillights, the 1:1 Xantia has a strange color, so I made mine purple. Kinda looks right...
 And this is the result

 I did fuck up the chrome lines on the sideskirts, will have to redo these one day...
 It even has indicator lights now

I hope you like it, now it's time for me to pick up where I left my courses... I have a law examn tomorrow.


  1. Accro Hello!! We have been very nice. And how good you have done if the Gaucho. It can be very insistent.

    Good luck with the exam!!


  2. This low cost model is perfect to re-assembly with new wheels!

  3. It is, but for the price of new wheels I prefer another miniature :p

  4. GREAT! I like that attitude, and I like the new born xantia.
    that is love, and I told you the cars are thanfull to the love.
    for next session you can use the black inc for the "internal" crome of the whees, leaving only the cromed ring.
    and the interior, may be a very clear color for seats with the dashboard and steering wheel in black.
    very happy with your result, amigo mío

  5. made the interior black and grey, but that's not clear on the picture. I wanted to keep him as stock as possible :p

  6. Trés bien ta nouvelle collection de miniatures Citroën.
    Tu veux des idées ? Moi aussi je collectionne depuis plusieurs années et j'ai un forum qui peut te donner des idées.
    A tantôt
    Alain alias PTIOTECARETE

    1. Je me suis inscris sur votre site, J'étais à la recherche de plus de collectionneurs strictement Citroën, c'est bien de se rencontrer sur un forum. n'hésitez pas à me suivre (insciption a la gauche)