Monday, May 14, 2012

Traction from Elicar

This Citroën traction scaled down to 1/20 is a creation of Elicar. It's a very basic model in a rare scale, but it has it's charm.


  1. This is actually by a French and then swiss company called Eligor. All other Eligor models are 1/43.

    I am not sure how well this will translate/how good you're English is so I will be simple.

    Eligor didn't make this casting, they bought it. This casting was made by French manufacturer Champion in the 1970s. Only difference is box. That is why it is 1/20.

    you have done well to buy this model it is very rare. I have the champion pompiers version.

    Apologies if that hasn't translated too well, email me.

    1. No worries ;) I didn't know that. do you have pictures from the pompiers version?