Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Citroën Xsara WRC Vitesse (catalunya 1998)

I bought this Citroën Xsara WRC on yesterday. It's one from Vitesse, that's the only reason I bought it. as yyou can see it's in pretty bad shape. the number on both sides is cut in half and other stickers are starting to come off. It came with it's original  box so I could let it for 5 euro's (1/12 the price if it was mint and boxed). it needs some love/work, but it's beautifull
When I came home with my purchase I was pretty optimistic.,Vitesse is a high quality brand. As it's already in weatered condition I decided to open it up. the damage at the inside is huge. seats come off, number plate, spoiler fell of, rollcage is broken... more work as I though

BUT the details are great! although the model is sealed, the interior is packed with details.

I started with rubbing away the rest of the number, I don't think I will put one back on. Next I have to put all the pieces back on and paint the top white.


  1. Hola Accro
    Excelente la replica que mostrás
    buenísimo el interior esta Super detallado
    Vitesse siempre se destaca en estas replicas
    Cambié la dirección de mi BLOG, ahora es

  2. Great car and blog!

    Best regards!

  3. Thanks, stay tuned! your blog looks very nice too, happy to find someone else collecting one brand only :)

    Greets AccroCitroën

  4. very interesting the vitesse interior
    here we knew this model thru altaya collection,
    but the collectible model, for sure had a poor inside.

  5. Vitesse is known for it's amazing details, but the downfall of this model is, as you can see, that the decals are very sensitive.
    No bad words about altaya though, I think they are great value for money (the Citroën CX pallas eg.)