Monday, April 23, 2012

Citroën ds ambulance

This is one of my ancient toys, It's a majorette Citroën ds 21 ambulance (No 206), or at least it was. I think I have this one for 15 years and it wasn't handled carefully during that time. the door broke of, the lights and the flags disappeared and it was paited with correction fluid and black marker. Can't trow it away though.

 Some months ago I found this one for auction, It's almost the same car (the windows and lights have different colors) and it's in relatively good condition. They now stand together in my showcase.


  1. I think they are nice too, these one were sold for the equivalent of 2 dollars once. now mint in box they add up to 35.

  2. la citrona! very nice model and unknown for me.
    I like the rear opening door

  3. Seriously? It is a frequent model here, but you can find them in different conditions, I have a very bad one and a normal playworn one, but the mint in box models go up to 30 euro's... for a majorette

    Greets AccroCitroën