Sunday, March 11, 2012

Xsara dongfeng

This is the car I drive, if you collect scale models you surely need to have your own car! But all the Citroën Xsara's I found where Rally edition but I wanted a normal model. A man whom I bought several cars from, told me he had this one. It costed me a fortune, but they are made by dongfeng in China and they are very rare in Europe and the rest of the world. I never saw another one for sale, so I had to grab this occasion. 

Like all Dongfeng cars the detailing is unbelievable. Every single detail is worked out perfectly. The cars have seatbelts, everything moves and they look terrific. the downfall of this brand is the paintjob, it's very rough and could even contain irregularities.

nevertheless I'm very proud to have it!


  1. Very Smart I Have Their 1/43 Scale Version.

    1. I dare you to find this one for sale somewhere ;)